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About Mike & Mary Ann Gatty

Mike and Mary Ann Gatty are a mother and son team. To our knowledge the only mother and son team shooting nationally!

Mike is a graduate of the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

The team started when Mike wasn't even a teen (he's 39 now); one of his earliest memories is of standing in his mother's basement darkroom watching her develop photographs of trucks. That was one of her first assignments, capturing trucks for a national freight service -- now long out of business. But, those 100 8x10 black and white photos of eighteen wheelers is what started it all.

Standing next to the sink bathed in the red glow of a safe light, Mike fell in love with the art of photography, and the process of print making. His mother was already hooked, and quickly developing a successful business.

During college, Mike worked at a small Baltimore alternative news publication as the editor for the Arts and Entertainment section. He picked up odd jobs, photographing beside his mother for various associations and publications in Washington. Several of these clients -- the International Dairy Foods Association, Food Marketing Institute, and the National Grocers Association-- remain to this day and some of the latest photos are scattered through out this site..

The son decided, however, he wasn't going to follow in the family business, and took a job in Human Resources with a major corporation. Mary Ann, meanwhile, kept building her successful business on Capitol Hill.

Then came September 11, 2001. A few days later, Miike picked up his camera and photographed Ground Zero on a trip to New York. He'd gone with his partner to capture the spirit of the city in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks. By chance, they found themselves at Ground Zero, and Mike clicked away. The photos were published on the cover of several magazines.

A few months later, he quit the corporate job.

He then teamed up with his mother again -- drawing on her 30 years of experience on the Hill shooting film, and his own expertise in new digital techniques, the mother and son duo launched Photologistics, a web-based photographic service serving the needs of associations and publications in the greater Washington, DC area. Mike and his mother again worked side by side, in one of the few mother son teams around. Old clients -- discovering the advantages of new, digital technology -- began utilizing the unique web based photographic service. The small mom and son business rapidly grew. Now, the team photographs for some of the best-known national trade publications, boasting numerous covers, interior spreads, and advertising brochures. Now, it's not unusual to pick up a trade magazine and see one page of photographs by Mary Ann Gatty, and the next page a spread of images by her son.

Then came an epiphany. The nation is a much smaller place. The team realized they could cover national events at a price competitive, if not lower, than local photographers -- without charging for expenses! That's when USEventphotos was born. Now, the team travels all over the nation, capturing photos for clients in ten major US cities. When you hire us, either Mike or Mary Ann will work with you. Combined, they now have 40 years of experience covering conferences, conventions and executive meetings. They're happy to provide a list of top references.

Still, when the sun stretches up from the horizon early in the morning the first warm days of spring, expect to see Mike on the beach, camera in hand, ready to capture the warming morning. Or, head out into the marshes --way out --and he might me there -- fascinated by the wildlife, birds, marsh flowers, and broken buildings that make up our home. And Mary Ann? Well, she might be printing photos from her digital images in the comfort of her study, thankful the years of smelly chemicals and dark conditions are past.